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A Mindset of Constant Learning and Giving Back with Oleg Shilovitsky

For this episode of the “PLM Quick 30,” Oleg Shilovitsky shares his experiences of growing up in the Soviet Union and navigating his way to be a major contributor of 2 acquisitions, including SmarTeam and Inforbix. His keen ability to constantly see opportunity has led him to the successful creation of OpenBOM while always finding ways to give back. Listen to the journey, including Oleg’s generous offer to help bring some relief among the challenges our world is currently faced with.

PLM Quick 30: All Things Options and Variants with Heather Pomerene

For this episode of the “PLM Quick 30,” we speak with Heather Pomerene on all things options and variants: major hurdles to consider when thinking about pursuing options and variants, why they’re a stepping stone down the path of digital transformation that gets you one step closer to a model-based enterprise, and essential to ensure that your options and variants way of working is not only successful when it’s first launched.

PLM Quick 30: Implementing Model-based Design (MBD)

For this episode of the “PLM Quick 30,” we speak with Heather Promerene who walks us through the ins and outs of implementing model-based design (MBD). As a Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer at Northrop Grumman, she has lead several implementations from technical requirements to building a foundation from scratch.

PLM Quick 30: Connecting Digital Transformation with PLM

For this episode of the “PLM Quick 30,” Ansys expert, Craig Miller, PhD, joins Patrick Sullivan in a discussion to uncover the three pillars necessary to bring a simulated digital twin to reality. Listen to ArcherGrey’s latest podcast to hear first hand.

Whitepaper: Super-Heroic IT

Purpose The purpose of this white paper is to provide the reader with a plan for forming an IT or Engineering Department that Users regard as superheroes. ·      You’ll become a trusted advisor to organizational leaders ·      You’ll create a predictable stream of new...

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