Organizational Change Management

People are at the Core of a Successful PLM Journey

If you have experienced low user adoption, then you know the impact of NOT having a well-executed Organizational Change Management plan. If you are planning an initiative, it can be a key factor that will determine the success of your program. A Gartner study found that 92% of the time, failed transformation programs were the result of people, leadership, and organizational shortfalls.

ArcherGrey’s Business and Organizational Change Management (B-OCM) framework was designed to address these shortfalls. We focus on charting the impact of any consequent change beginning to end, and then implementing leading practices to help achieve high adoption. ArcherGrey’s B-OCM framework comprises a methodology and approach around five primary areas of focus, which is based on industry standards, supplemented with proprietary IP:

  • Leadership alignment
  • Stakeholder preparation
  • Change adoption & communications
  • Education & training
  • Readiness & adoption

Change is a Good Thing

Adoption is about changing behaviors and habits. Properly managing the business side of change significantly increases the chances of success. ArcherGrey can provide the necessary insight, approach, and techniques needed to affect change positively. Contact us to explore how our B-OCM framework can help you optimize adoption.

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