Vendor Selection

With so many choices, we help bring clarity

Choosing the right software vendor for your PLM is perhaps one of the most important decisions your company will have to make. You need to consider your business strategy and how it aligns with the various PLM platforms.

ArcherGrey’s expertise in the most relevant PLM platforms will guide you toward the optimal choice for your business. Make the wrong selection and you could very well be looking at increased costs, delays and missed opportunities. So whether you’re new to PLM or looking to switch software vendors, it’s critical to make the right choice the first time around.

Here are a few common questions asked when evaluating PLM platforms:

  • What are some realistic outcomes we can expect from implementing this system?
  • Is our staff equipped with the proper knowledge and experience to get the most out of PLM?
  • Do we understand the differences between PLM and ERP?
  • Have we fully identified any existing issues as to why our current system hasn’t performed to expectations?
  • Are we underutilizing any features within our existing software applications?
  • Does your software have features that support the particular needs of our products and industry?
  • What are the tradeoffs between the different vendor options?
  • Have we assigned the right people to make the decision?

Our job and commitment is to help you navigate through these questions, and then in examining the answers, identify the optimal PLM solution for you, one that addresses your current challenges and works seamlessly with your business operations.

Unparalleled Experience

ArcherGrey consultants are leading experts in the PTC Windchill and PTC FlexPLM PLM platforms. From Aerospace and Defense to Consumer Goods, we have deep industry-specific insights that only come from years of hands-on vendor experience.

Our insightful critical thinking approach allows us to effectively navigate the complex world of PLM and gives us the special knack for seeing things others can’t. In other words – we know what to look out for. It’s not about buying software you don’t need, or simply assuming that a vendor’s claims are spot on. We take the time to create a highly detailed PLM roadmap that encompasses your strategic goals and thus helps identify the best solution given your needs and ultimate objectives.

Asking the Hard Questions

When comparing vendor options, the importance of assessing features and benefits is unquestioned, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in the selection process. Other important considerations are the Return on Investment, how business processes should be changed to get maximum benefit from the vendor’s technology, and the organizational impact of the new technology. Neglecting these topics could be the major difference between a good investment and a financial misstep. For example, when considering a PLM platform, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • How committed is each vendor’s R&D, Technical Support, and Services organizations to your specific industry?
  • Are there any hidden trade-offs regarding specific feature sets?
  • How do you evaluate different software licensing and hosting bundles and methods?
  • Are you able to accurately forecast key performance metrics/outcomes?
  • How will the new technology allow you to accurately measure and report key performance/metrics/outcomes?
  • How adept is the vendor at Organizational Change Management or is their expertise limited to Training?

Have you really thought about these issues? Unfortunately, companies that overlook these deeper concerns may fall prey to unrealistic expectations set by vendors. Over the years, we’ve seen the consequences of these oversights, and we’re determined to prevent the damage before it begins.

A Realistic Approach that Maximizes Your ROI

We begin by understanding the client’s needs and constraints. We subsequently build a realistic approach that aligns with your business climate. Then we support your engagement with a short-list of vendors capable of providing software to meet your needs.

Our methodology encourages input from all key decision makers; this enables us to understand your company’s perspectives more clearly and therefore create a practical game plan that will address long-term goals.

Do you need assistance in understanding your company’s PLM needs and identifying the right software vendor? If so, we can make the decision process easier! Contact us today.

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