Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation

From Strategy to Reality

ArcherGrey’s ability to partner with our clients is unique in that we can provide value to our clients regardless of the status of their PLM journey, from strategy to implementation and beyond. A CIO of one of our clients stated that “ArcherGrey’s biggest difference in the marketplace is the simple fact that ArcherGrey actually delivers by implementing technology successfully. Many companies can’t make that same statement.”

PTC PLM Solution: Helping You Keep Everything Connected

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), Internet of Things (IoT) and all of the technologies that support them…it’s a lot to cover. The great thing is you don’t have to go into it on your own. ArcherGrey has a dedicated team of experts who are incredibly well-versed when it comes to Windchill and PTC’s expanding suite of products.Today’s business environment is about maintaining crucial connections and staying flexible throughout the lifecycle management process. You need to get products designed, manufactured, packaged and launched quickly. Time to market is a key metric in every business. Add in the challenges of getting to market in an affordable manner without sacrificing quality and you have a lot of moving parts (literally). This is where those vital PTC technologies come into play.

  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Assessment
  • Vendor Selection
  • Implementation / Upgrade
  • Process Improvement / Reengineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Migration
  • Enhancement
  • Integration
  • Training Support

The technologies are available to accommodate every part of your PLM, and at ArcherGrey we are highly experienced when it comes to all of PTC’s offerings: MPMLink, PartsLink, ProjectLink, PDMLink, Arbortext, Integrity, QMS, ThingWorx, PTC Navigate, and CREO. So even if you are not familiar with this type of technology, we most definitely are and will help point the way toward a better PLM system, through the most relevant PTC solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how ArcherGrey’s extensive Windchill expertise can reinvent your PLM system.

FlexPLM: The Future of Retail Products, Footwear & Apparel

FlexPLM is a leading software designed for retail, footwear, apparel (RFA) as well as the consumer and packaging goods (CPG) industry. Many of today’s top retailers employ this comprehensive platform to manage their Product Lifecycle from Concept to Consumer.Maximizing the value of a FlexPLM implementation requires a specialized knowledge base and skillset. ArcherGrey has a dedicated FlexPLM consulting practice comprised of veteran consultants in the RFA and CPG industries. What we do best is deliver the combination of process and technology to meet the customer’s unique business needs.

Our Director of Business Development for RFA and CPG has over 22 years of direct business knowledge. She explained why joining ArcherGrey was important to her by saying.

I joined ArcherGrey because I wanted to be part of the best Business Development and Delivery team in the FlexPLM services space. Having the ability to bridge my 22 years of Business knowledge with ArcherGrey’s 15+ years of FlexPLM knowledge gives us all an opportunity to continue to develop a well rounded team of experts in RFA and CPG and, ultimately, provide increased value to our clients.

She continued, “Knowing how to best utilize the FlexPLM software from a technical perspective is imperative to a client’s success. The technical team at ArcherGrey is by far top tier at technical execution, but what makes the team stand out is that they understand how to apply the software to best suit individual company needs.”

Consumer Goods are Headed in a New Direction

It is critical in todays market to not only be first to market, but in doing so, businesses need to maintain quality and keep costs down. Utilizing the functionality of the FlexPLM platform in tandem with streamline processes not only provides you with visibility to position your product exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be there, it also allows you to be an innovator.FlexPLM, “connectedness” is the core of your processes. From concept, design, manufacturing, through supply chain strategies, and all of the way to consumption, your product’s lifecycle is visible to align with expectations. ArcherGrey has spent years perfecting the type of far-reaching strategies needed to ensure optimal ROI. Given the agility and scalability of FlexPLM, we most definitely have the capacity to help you grow and stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

Just some of FlexPLM’s benefits:

  • Better brand exposure, greater visibility throughout the lifecycle process
  • Creates more effective in-store experiences
  • Ensures your product and labeling is in complete compliance
  • Offers industry specific merchandizing solutions

ArcherGrey & FlexPLM: Changing the Way You Look at Lifecycle Management

With the all of the tools and resources available through PTC’s entire suite of products, you get to experience an entirely new level of PLM effectiveness and innovation. Better workflow, greater productivity and more efficient collaborations are at the center of the FlexPLM journey.Contact us to learn more about how we can help increase adoption for your PLM initiatives.

Full-Scale PLM Implementation: Optimized for Success

Each company has its own environment, its own processes, and its own needs and expectations when it comes to their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) journey. Whether you are just getting started in your PLM journey or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade, switch or enhance the current system you have in place, ArcherGrey’s highly experienced consultants will guide your company step-by-step through this ever so critical journey.Many of our clients come to us unsure about the scope of PLM and level of effort related to their PLM initiative, or confused about how it will fit in with their processes. A successful PLM implementation begins with careful evaluation in which all facets of your current product development processes are examined. This is where we come in. Our job is to help you discover exactly what you need to know in order to achieve success!

Beginning with a Comprehensive Support System and a Roadmap

At ArcherGrey, we’re capable of supporting the full range of project deployment cycles, from large to small. Our dedicated expertise includes:

  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Business Process Consulting (BPC)
  • Solution Architecture Design
  • Technology Implementation
  • Validation and Verification
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Training
  • Production Support

Always engaging the client first and then consistently working within the parameters of a “team approach,” we begin by creating a realistic project plan that aligns with your business climate. Central to our methodology is an emphasis on your organization’s uniqueness–as in, your specific project requirements, objectives, individual processes and the personnel overseeing these components. We understand that needs and challenges vary from project to project, therefore, no two PLM implementations are ever approached in quite the same way.

PLM success is directly related to effective thought leadership, to having a vast understanding of the current systems and processes in place, and then, to being able to fully analyze the challenges and clarify the solution. This is at the core of how we work.

Defining Your PLM Journey – Expanding the Possibilities

Implementing a comprehensive PLM solution can be a major challenge for any business, regardless of industry, especially if it’s a new initiative. A number of factors must be taken into consideration. The array of variables and potential PLM components can make for an otherwise confusing implementation.

Thought Leadership

The real ingredient to ArcherGrey’s continued success: Unmatched thought leadership. We take your PLM journey to a higher level.It’s the critical thinking we’ve developed from years of deep client engagement and extensive hands-on experience. This core strength enables us to set projects up for success from the very beginning, empowering clients to achieve the type of results that exceed expectation.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our PLM implementation methodologies, contact us today. We’d love to show you how we can help!

Switching Your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Seamlessly

Switching PLM systems, for whatever reasons, can certainly be a complicated process. Perhaps you don’t have the technical experience, or maybe you simply don’t have the time and energy to expend on this type of complex migration. ArcherGrey has successfully worked with numerous clients to make this kind of system change as seamless and hassle free as possible.Some of the more common migration challenges our clients have experienced:

  • Lack of technical knowledge to support the new system or extract data from the old one
  • Lack of expertise with specialized data
  • Lack of understanding the functional necessity of a careful gap analysis
  • Lack of technical and functional resources for both systems in order to do the work

Understanding the Old – Optimizing the New

System migration is about so much more than just the technical execution. We place a heavy emphasis on the upfront analysis, digging deep into the old system to understand its usage, make note of its relevance and consequent irrelevance as far as your PLM journey is concerned, and then take the time to understand how it maps to the new system. Whether it’s a full deployment or a phased roll out according to certain groups, categories or business units, we factor in all possibilities to arrive at the best solution for our clients.Contact us so we can help define an approach for your business.

We’re About Far More than Just “One-and-Done” Projects

For many companies, the prospect of hiring full-time support to ensure the continued success of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform just isn’t feasible. And yet, having that designated team to oversee and maintain the various applications is extremely crucial. You need someone who can help with the seamless flow of your PLM and also address any issues or technical concerns that may arise.This is where ArcherGrey excels. Our team can handle the day-to-day maintenance of your PLM platform while dealing with the more nuanced details of the applications. And ours is not a generic, one-size-fits-all approach; rather, we take the time to understand your business’s needs, your comfort level, and your overall engagement in the PLM journey. ArcherGrey will tailor an application maintenance support plan specifically to your goals.

A More Flexible, Uniquely Designed Maintenance Approach

Flexibility and adaptability are at the foundation of ArcherGrey’s approach when it comes to the on-going maintenance and support of Windchill and FlexPLM application suites. Our experts work with you to perform those much-needed management and service functions that extend the application life and optimize both performance and total cost of ownership.A few of the key benefits of this service approach:

  • Eliminates the need for recruiting and retaining internal staff that can be more effectively allocated to other projects.
  • Managed investment (service-based cost model), provides predictability of costs and optimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • On-site and remote application management and database administration provided only when needed.
  • Provide on-call application problem management and support.
  • Affords access to hard to find resources, tools and methodologies for Windchill and FlexPLM applications, interfaces and customized integrated modules.

Continued Support = Successful Implementation

Whether your business requires full-time or part-time support, ArcherGrey has the experience, the in-depth knowledge and the capability to create and deliver an application maintenance plan that will provide optimal benefits to your PLM system and its user base.Get in touch with us today to learn more about our maintenance support service offering.

Helping Our Clients Stay a Step Ahead

Always on top of the latest developments, ArcherGrey’s highly experienced consultants can guide your organization through the implementation and optimization of the very latest PLM system and application upgrades. ArcherGrey’s deep understanding of Windchill and FlexPLM solutions and our flexibility when it comes to delivering the types of system upgrades specifically designed for your business, is what makes us one of the premiere PLM consulting groups.We understand that the key to a successful PLM journey begins with staying a step ahead. Our staff has worked directly with PTC and has consequently played a key role on various upgrade projects including assessment, design and development of the PTC Windchill Product Suites, giving our clients that edge needed to outperform the competition.

Our standard upgrade service includes the following:

  • Gap analysis of existing customizations to the newer version of the applications, pulling forward appropriate functionality and leveraging the latest features
  • Upgrading the database as required
  • Migration of existing data model to the new architecture ensuring referential integrity
  • Performing all necessary validation routines
  • Installation and customization, as required, of the new version and application
  • Migration of existing configuration settings
  • Providing hyper-care support to ensure seamless transition to the latest version

The Power of a Streamlined, Up-to-date PLM System

It really is all about strategic management when it comes to ensuring that you are working with the latest applications and features. And this is exactly what we offer: an effective, “hiccup-less” transition to the newest PLM versions.Whether your upgrade is complex or simply technical in nature, ArcherGrey can tailor a package appropriate for your organization’s current and projected PLM profile and budget. We invite you to contact us to see how our knowledge and experience can help you realize all the potential benefits these products have to offer.

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