FlexPLM: The Future of Retail Products, Footwear & Apparel

FlexPLM is a leading software designed for retail, footwear, apparel (RFA) as well as the consumer and packaging goods (CPG) industry.  Many of today’s top retailers employ this comprehensive platform to manage their Product Lifecycle from Concept to Consumer.

Maximizing the value of a FlexPLM implementation requires a specialized knowledge base and skillset.  ArcherGrey has a dedicated FlexPLM consulting practice comprised of veteran consultants in the RFA and CPG industries.  What we do best is deliver the combination of process and technology to meet the customer’s unique business needs.

Our Director of Business Development for RFA and CPG has over 22 years of direct business knowledge. She explained why joining ArcherGrey was important to her by saying,

I joined ArcherGrey because I wanted to be part of the best Business Development and Delivery team in the FlexPLM services space. Having the ability to bridge my 22 years of Business knowledge with ArcherGrey’s 15+ years of FlexPLM knowledge gives us all an opportunity to continue to develop a well rounded team of experts in RFA and CPG and, ultimately, provide increased value to our clients.

She continued, “Knowing how to best utilize the FlexPLM software from a technical perspective is imperative to a client’s success. The technical team at ArcherGrey is by far top tier at technical execution, but what makes the team stand out is that they understand how to apply the software to best suit individual company needs.”

Consumer Goods are Headed in a New Direction

It is critical in todays market to not only be first to market, but in doing so, businesses need to maintain quality and keep costs down. Utilizing the functionality of the FlexPLM platform in tandem with streamline processes not only provides you with visibility to position your product exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be there, it also allows you to be an innovator.

FlexPLM, “connectedness” is the core of your processes. From concept, design, manufacturing, through supply chain strategies, and all of the way to consumption, your product’s lifecycle is visible to align with expectations.  ArcherGrey has spent years perfecting the type of far-reaching strategies needed to ensure optimal ROI.  Given the agility and scalability of FlexPLM, we most definitely have the capacity to help you grow and stand out in an otherwise crowded marketplace.

 Just some of FlexPLM’s benefits:

  • Better brand exposure, greater visibility throughout the lifecycle process
  • Creates more effective in-store experiences
  • Ensures your product and labeling is in complete compliance
  • Offers industry specific merchandizing solutions

ArcherGrey & FlexPLM: Changing the Way You Look at Lifecycle Management

With the all of the tools and resources available through PTC’s entire suite of products, you get to experience an entirely new level of PLM effectiveness and innovation.  Better workflow, greater productivity and more efficient collaborations are at the center of the FlexPLM journey.

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