System Migration

Switching Your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Seamlessly

Switching PLM systems, for whatever reasons, can certainly be a complicated process. Perhaps you don’t have the technical experience, or maybe you simply don’t have the time and energy to expend on this type of complex migration. ArcherGrey has successfully worked with numerous clients to make this kind of system change as seamless and hassle free as possible.

Some of the more common migration challenges our clients have experienced:

  • Lack of technical knowledge to support the new system or extract data from the old one
  • Lack of expertise with specialized data
  • Lack of understanding the functional necessity of a careful gap analysis
  • Lack of technical and functional resources for both systems in order to do the work

Bridging critical gaps, focusing on both functional and data migration, and developing a strategic plan are what we can do to help you facilitate this type of system move. It may be a platform already in use or a brand new one that would also require configuration. Regardless, the task of moving to another system almost always involves disconnects; our job is therefore to ensure that these are remedied and business continues to run as normal.

Understanding the Old – Optimizing the New

System migration is about so much more than just the technical execution. We place a heavy emphasis on the upfront analysis, digging deep into the old system to understand its usage, make note of its relevance and consequent irrelevance as far as your PLM journey is concerned, and then take the time to understand how it maps to the new system. Whether it’s a full deployment or a phased roll out according to certain groups, categories or business units, we factor in all possibilities to arrive at the best solution for our clients.

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