Multi-Billion Dollar Apparel Brand Unlocks New Growth Opportunity with PLM


A multi-billion-dollar, award-winning global brand in the apparel division faced limitation challenges in FlexPLM due to recent accelerated growth.


The Company implemented FlexPLM for its apparel division, a small subset of their business. The goal was to expand the value of PLM to their apparel divisions in efforts to keep pace with growing demand. The company needed to streamline data connectivity while maintaining a high level of data quality necessary for the product teams.


The Company and ArcherGrey worked together to design a comprehensive roadmap that consisted of quantifiable business opportunities and enhanced productivity capabilities satisfying both senior management and user adoption.

Roadmap Navigator
Using ArcherGrey’s proprietary strategic planning assessment tool, Roadmap Navigator, the involved teams were able to show leadership a large-scale transformation project that supported the top initiatives of the company.

Phased Quick-win Approach
To accelerate project execution, ArcherGrey delivered the projects in short phases using a highly iterative CRP approach, delivering quick “business wins” while constantly incorporating user feedback in the solutioning process.

User-centric OCM Plan
The training method included a standard 5 level method (prepare me, tell me, show me, let me, help me) focused on a formal single “core process” while ensuring the users retained the flexibility needed to support legitimate process exceptions.


Together, the teams were able to successfully onboard over 500 users globally and develop a super user network capable of supporting the end-user community. By implementing PLM and enabling data flows, the Company was able to achieve a truly scalable solution to enable their growth.

In just under 15 months, the team was able to deliver a large amount of business value, setting the architectural foundation for Skechers’ long term IT strategy and roadmap. This success is a testament to the partnership between the Company, ArcherGrey, and PTC, as well as the dedication of the project team.