Retail, Footwear, Apparel, and Consumer Goods

The RFA industry is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of consumer expectations. As a result, the competitive landscape is under pressure to create better products faster. Using deep RFA expertise and advanced digital technologies, we deliver high-quality business and technology solutions.

Industry Expertise

Dedicated RFA Practice

Enable brands to accelerate their go-to-market processes through process and system integration.

Digitize product development and collaboration

Cutting-edge tools and methodology to support core product development activities, enabling teams to react faster to market trends, design long-term efficiency, and help collaborate remotely across teams.

Design to Merchandising

Reshape the RFA & CPG landscape, intelligence and automation solutions by leveraging proven, modern technology.


We offer a full range of Strategic Consulting and Technology services to help clients in the RFA industry deliver better outcomes.
Digitize Product Development to Accelerate Go-To-Market Strategy

Build an intelligent and connected enterprise that enables improved innovation, better collaboration, and faster product development.

  • Develop a winning Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Connect processes and systems
  • Visual Assortment Management
  • Remote working and Collaboration
  • Virtualization, from concept to sell
  • End to End Product Lifecycle Management
Data Analytics & Systems Engineering

Enable a data-oriented organization for better traceability and informed decisions.

  • Data Exploration and Analysis
  • Data intelligence by leveraging Machine Learning
  • Data Migration
  • Cloud/Enterprise Application Integration

Scale business solutions to achieve the full potential of a cloud-based architecture.

  • Digitally connected ecosystem
  • Business case for cloud-based strategy
  • On-Prem to cloud migrations
  • Build and Infrastructure Automation
  • Low and No-code application architecture

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