Aerospace & Defense

We deliver Enterprise Digital Engineering systems that allow OEMs and Suppliers in the Aerospace & Defense industry to meet contractual commitments while reducing employee “firefighting” efforts.

Industry Expertise

Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Digital Engineering implementation expertise that accelerates Defense Contractor alignment with the Department of Defense’s Digital Engineering Strategy (2018).

Department of Defense and Energy (DoD and DoE)

Proven ability to enhance data efficiency by streamlining collaboration between functional areas, suppliers, and partners.

Service / Aftermarket

Service Parts, MRO Process Design, and Technical Publications expertise that extends the Digital Thread throughout the As-Delivered and As-Maintained Product Lifecycle.


We provide the expertise and resources you need to deliver high-quality deliverables faster to your government customers whether those deliverables are in the form of Proposals, Technical Data Packages, CDRLs/SDRLs, Physical Prototypes, or Production Units.
Enable Data
  • Increase use of models (CAD, System, and Process) to inform enterprise and program decision-making
  • Consolidate PDM/PLM/Document Management to provide an authoritative source of truth
  • Improve the use of technological innovations to improve engineering practice; such as Augmented Reality, concurrent manufacturing process development, and enterprise-application-integration
  • Implement PLM infrastructure on-premise or in FedRAMP-certified cloud environments to support development activities, collaboration, and communication across all stakeholders
  • Implement secure access policies such as ITAR, EAR99, and digital agreements to simplify access duration
Adapt and Transform
  • Transforms the culture and workforce through organizational change management expertise tailored to the very traditional engineering-led cultures of most defense contractors and quasi-governmental agencies

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