The Extractor

The Extractor is the key to unlocking your data’s potential.

The Extractor’s plug-and-play functionality prepares your data for extraction so you can freely use data across all departments and business systems.

Business leaders and PLM users can now access complete operational transparency and accurate, real-time data to streamline processes and improve decision-making.

Don’t let your data sit locked up! Request a demo and get started with the Extractor.

Is Your PLM Data Trapped?

The Extractor is a tool that leverages standard APIs to extract data from critical items within your FlexPLM system.

Simplify Your Data

With the Extractor, data is pulled and then transferred to a simplified database that consists of tables for each standard FlexPLM object.

Improve Data Governance

The Extractor creates data integrity throughout the enterprise, reducing redundancy and preventing inconsistencies in distributed data.





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