The MagicBox

Imagine all those wasted hours spent on entering and reentering data gone instantly. How do you make those dreams a reality?

With the MagicBox.

MagicBox works with a variety of data sources and formats to migrate bulk quantities of data in a matter of seconds, saving countless hours of manual data entry and allowing more time spent on the processes that matter.

Data entry made easy

The MagicBox is a data migration tool used to systematically load data from external sources into your PLM system.

Easily Process External Files

This independent Java Application augments FlexPLM by processing data from external sources, such as Excel, and systematically loads the data into PLM. Simply drag and drop files into the MagicBox and the results will be transferred within minutes.

Built for Everyone

Share the magic with end users. The MagicBox does not require custom code or expert knowledge; it can be easily used by anyone with FlexPLM credentials.


Simple to Use

The MagicBox’s flexibility allows the import of ad-hoc data from legacy tools to reduce manual data entry into your PLM system.





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