AGCO Improves Production Quality Through Enhanced Alignment Between Design and Manufacturing Processes


AGCO is an agricultural equipment manufacturer. Although established in 1990 due to acquisition, it’s roots began in 1909.   

Headquartered: Duluth, GA
Year of incorporation: 1990
Products: Farming equipment & technology
No of Employees: 20,900+
Revenue: $9 billion (2012)
Industry: Agriculture


AGCO’s Jackson site wanted complete traceability between Design BOM and Manufacturing BOM.
In addition to BOM traceability, AGCO Jackson site also wish to have traceability to Manufacturing Changes resulting from Design Change.
PLM System has Engineering Change Process and is Integrated to SAP for Part, e-BOM and Document transfer via ESI to SAP-PI.


Use MPMLink to Manage Plant/Site specific mBOM and linked to upstream eBOM.
Create a new Change Process for Manufacturing which gets triggered and associated to Engineering Change.
Transfer mBOM to Jackson Site / Plant in the SAP system.


Enable traceability between eBOM and mBOM.
Enable traceability between ECN and MCN.
Help Designers with insight in to mBOM within PLM system. Resulting in better design and product quality.
Foster more collaboration between design and manufacturing and avoid Design changes resulting from Manufacturing issues.