Today ArcherGrey has been honored by CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising PLM Solution Providers of 2017 which is described as “An annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing PLM solutions and impacting the marketplace”.

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Today’s approach to a PLM system aims at simplifying and streamlining processes rather than heavily focusing on data management and control. With cloud taking center stage in the PLM scenario, manufacturing companies are able to explore numerous ways to add value to existing PLM implementations or adopt new ones for higher ROI. The integration of PLM with digital technologies enables organizations to not only deliver products faster but also create innovative products. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning that help in understanding the attributes of a certain product that can drive adoption.

The modern PLM platforms provide an intuitive interface and efficient data integration empowering enterprises to dash board capabilities to dive into product’s development easily. With access to latest trends and methodologies, these platforms help companies stay ahead of the competitive curve in the industry. Today, a number of software vendors are offering PLM platforms that recognize the power of digital.

To help organizations find best of breed PLM solutions that suit their business needs, in his issue of CIOReview, we present the 20 Most Promising PLM Solution Providers 2017, featuring the best vendors offering PLM technologies and services that aid enterprises in their business processes. The firms featured in this issue have exhibited vast knowledge and in depth expertise in managing PLM.

A distinguished panel comprising of CTOs, CIOs, analysts and the CIOReview editorial board has selected the top player from the field of PLM. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world to get a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available in the marketplace today.

ArcherGrey The PLM Specialists

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) allows companies to be in control of their products from idea to retirement. Maximizing PLM investments is a continuous journey, encompassing the need for periodic upgrades, the deployment of additional functionality via application enhancements, and the refining of business processes to drive the desired outcome. With over 15 years of experience in the field, ArcherGrey, a boutique PLM consulting firm, offers their knowledge and expertise to clients throughout the journey.

What separates ArcherGrey from the pack is that they are an independent PLM consulting firm. ArcherGrey embraces a vendor-neutral methodology. This methodology concentrates on a resultsoriented outcome for the client. The success of the company is driven solely by their consulting services, as they do not offer PLM software.

When a company experiences issues with their PLM system, it is generally the methodology at fault, not the application. “As one of the longest running PLM consultancies in North America, we know that PLM solutions breakdown. The key to success is the methodology behind understanding business needs, separating actual requirements from well-intentioned “desirements,” transforming and automating processes to meet the requirements, and aligning the deployment of the application,” explains Jack Schroeder, Principal, ArcherGrey. This is what has allowed ArcherGrey to drive continued success in PLM for over 150 customers.

Our team of experts has the ability to comprehend different businesses and how they relate to PLM – Jack Schroeder

Traditionally, retail businesses focused on reselling products that were made by other companies. As they have evolved, they realized the profitability in making and selling their own private label products. Designing and manufacturing products brought with it the need for these retailers to implement PLM systems. One of ArcherGrey’s clients is a national sporting goods retailer that was in the early stages of implementing a PLM solution after they launched their private label apparel and footwear lines. ArcherGrey helped them shape a roadmap for deployment and execution that aligned with the executives’ PLM-related business objectives. With help from ArcherGrey, this client succeeded in realizing the benefits and the return on their PLM investment.

ArcherGrey has defined the lifecycle of PLM implementation, recognizing the importance of effectively delivering solutions to individual areas within this cycle. They begin by building a business case that can be communicated to higher management, so they understand PLM’s value. They then move into vendor selection and act as an advocate for the client with an understanding of their needs. This is followed by defining deployment where they determine and map the architecture that will be used. The final step in the process is the execution which allows the client to fully reap the rewards of the cycle. ArcherGrey has the ability to competently enter a PLM project at any phase in this process. “Our market leading level of customer satisfaction, and our reputation for delivering on mission critical implementations, is only made possible by combining top-tier talent with our proprietary knowledge base founded on the collection of decades of hard-earned experience,” extols Schroeder.

PLM is used across many verticals, and every implementation is a tailored solution developed from a relatively standard toolkit. Schroeder states, “We understand the platform and the toolkit. This is what allows us to build tailored solutions across multiple industries. Our team of experts has the ability to comprehend different businesses and how they relate to PLM.” The value that ArcherGrey brings to clients with their consultancy is the ability to help businesses set a strategic vision where PLM drives the achievement of their business objectives.

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