The following piece was written by ArcherGrey’s Patrick Sullivan after PI Apparel 2018 and serves as a reflection of PI Apparel 2019:

Fear…It’s a word that captures so much of our attention and energy. Does it harness power? Did the word compel you to click on this post? We all encounter it many times throughout our lives. It’s embedded within each of us.  

I saw an inspiring commercial from Intel* that showed major advancements throughout history highlighting the fact that fear and triumph exist together. The commercial starts, “I’m not putting lightning in my house,” states an onlooker as a man gets catapulted off a ladder from a jolt of electricity; “I’ll leave the flying to the birds,” comments a colleague as they stand in a lighted office at night while looking at the headlines of humans trying to take flight. The examples continue to unfold advancing through decades of innovation.  What seemed to be a crazy invention one day, evolves into a product that is used in our everyday lives.

In a strange way, the commercial offered a bit of comfort to a crowded room of retail executives and professionals who attended the Product Innovation Apparel conference in 2018. The conference is designed to be a meeting place of retail experts who are looking to learn, share, and collaborate. As I spoke with various retailers, vendors and consultants, it occurred to me that the gathering was more than that. At its essence, the energy of the event was fueled by the desire to overcome fear and attain triumph.

There is a lot happening in the world of retail. The advancements in technology combined with the pressures of online retailers and cost sensitive and intelligent consumers are challenging the entire industry to work and think differently.  Although 3D modeling has been a topic for years, it’s becoming a crucial game changer and is transforming the way the industry does business today. The reason 3D is such a game changer is not the capability itself; It’s the impact it will have on the entire process. And, if done right, could be a central part of the design and product development process that could help bring tremendous efficiencies to a manual and labor-intensive process — not to mention the potentially drastic improvements in various efforts around sustainability.  

Depending on your mood, recent news feed, or general perspective, you may be filled with fear.  Don’t fret, you’re in good company. Life has proven that fear cannot exist without triumph. Our innovators of today are among us, taking on the fear of the unknown, overcoming challenges in the pursuit of triumph.  

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