Improve your RIM with these 4 Pillars

A transcript of this video on Regulatory Information Management is provided below for your convenience.

Medical devices require regulatory approval. Many companies consider this a technical issue, but really, it’s a data management issue. To ensure your product’s success and create a strong foundation, you must make regulatory information part of the overall product development process.

Regulatory Information Management or (RIM) is a unified process of handling regulatory compliant product data required to sell a product. ArcherGrey gives Medical Device companies the support they need to improve their RIM solution. We assist companies in the life science industries with the four main pillars of their RIM strategy:

  • Regulatory data
  • Regulatory process
  • Competence and staffing and
  • Systems landscape

These pillars will help your organization leverage the digital “drivers” to enable insights, increase productivity, and better understand patient feedback. In addition, it will set the foundation to build and grow a successful digital organization for your regulatory needs and beyond.

As a medical device company evolves and grows, it is important that the organization either seeks a specialized RIM solution or overhauls the existing RIM process. Contact us for a complete consultation to discuss a plan to improve your Regulatory Information Management.