Leading Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer Deploys PTC Windchill Training to Over 3,000 Users


Recently, ArcherGrey has successfully implemented an OCM rollout for a leading Aerospace & Defense company. The rollout is part of their effort to unify and deploy PTC Windchill training across all geographically dispersed business units. ArcherGrey was responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing a training program design
  • Training material creation
  • Training team management
  • Delivery of training material

Furthermore, ArcherGrey did all of this for over 3,000 PTC Windchill and CAD users virtually…yes, virtually!


Because there were over 3,000 users operating across various business units, it was critical to to deploy PTC Windchill training successfully. In addition, the company needed to see strong alignment and adoption across users.


Classes – Working with client management, ArcherGrey defined and developed specialized course material. This included “Matrix” modules from the standard classes. Additionally, SME’s from other locations and development staff within the company provided more content.

Training – Next, ArcherGrey developed a “Matrix” methodology to allow reuse of common training modules across several classes. This reduced training material development and course maintenance time required. As a result, there were multiple releases of the PTC Windchill PLM suite of products.

Materials – Through collaboration with client SME’s and developers, ArcherGrey adapted the training materials throughout the duration of the program. This included updates to both business processes and PTC Windchill software topics.

Delivery – Finally, users were able to enjoy training via Skype from their desks while enjoying the advantages of a live instructor who could answer questions and help them through exercises. This eliminated the overhead costs usually due to live and in-person PTC Windchill training.


Classes – The program oversaw hundreds of conducted classes.

Training – This effort required reduced training material development and course maintenance time.

Delivery – All training courses were delivered via Skype, thereby eliminating the overhead costs usually associated with “live/in-person” training. Afterwards, surveys were conducted after each course to assess the quality of the material and the effectiveness of virtual training.

ArcherGrey selected PLM experts to engage in this Organizational Change Management work because of the following qualifications:

  • Engineering background and understanding of engineering processes
  • Expertise in CAD
  • Decades of experience implementing PLM
  • Working with end-users

After aggregating survey data, the feedback included consistent high ratings. Moreover, comments praised the quality of the material, the knowledge of the trainers, and their ability to engage with trainees remotely.

ArcherGrey’s Industry Expertise

At ArcherGrey, we deliver Enterprise Digital Engineering systems that allow OEMs and Suppliers in the Aerospace & Defense industry to meet contractual commitments while reducing employee “firefighting” efforts. Specifically, our expertise helps Aerospace & Defense businesses with the following: 

Digital Engineering Ecosystem: Digital Engineering implementation expertise that accelerates Defense Contractor alignment with the Department of Defense’s Digital Engineering Strategy (2018).

Department of Defense and Energy (DoD and DoE)

Proven ability to enhance data efficiency due to streamlining collaboration between functional areas, suppliers, and partners.

Service / Aftermarket

Service Parts, MRO Process Design, and Technical Publications expertise that extends the Digital Thread throughout the As-Delivered and As-Maintained Product Lifecycle.

To learn more about how PTC Windchill Training can help you optimize your business strategy, contact us.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 4, 2021. Since then, it has been updated to reflect additional details.