Major Sporting Goods Retailer Accelerates Production Through Automation

by | May 4, 2021


Dick’s Sporting Goods started out of the relentless pursuit of an 18 year-old Dick Stack to open his own bait and tackle shop in 1948. By the late 1970’s he expanded his product line to include much of what you will find today.

Today headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, DICK’s Sporting Good’s, Inc. is a leading omni-channel sporting goods retailer and as of May 2,2020 the Company operated 756 locations across the United States


This client saw an opportunity to save their FlexPLM users hours of time each week spent on exporting reports out of the system.

Users had no option other than to pull reporting data from multiple sources, hence wasting valuable time on overhead labor.

They needed to find a solution to automate and streamline the reporting process for their users.


In 2017, The AG Extractor was implemented to solve these challenges around reporting, and the changes went live within just weeks.

The AG Extractor was linked directly between FlexPLM’s system and their internal Business intelligence tools to pull the necessary data.

Pulling reports has never been so easy with the AG extractor. Teams can simply adjust their workflows to leverage the data and can extract reports in real-time.


The AG extractor helps to analyze and determine the levels of prioritization required to meet deadlines.Tech design teams remark increased efficiencies across varied processes such as fit approvals, season/fit samples, and more.

The success of this tool has helped this client reduce their 600 table count down to 100 tables (does this make sense?)

Users are more self sufficient than ever before and can easily determine improvements in their data

Reducing time spent on manually entering data has become a valued measurement of ROI

“Our teams use the AG Extractor on a daily basis. We see significant ROI, its been a big help and we love it”