Oshkosh Defense is a tactical vehicle manufacturer that designs, builds and sustains high performance defense trucks, including the L-ATV for the JLTV.

Headquartered: Oshkosh Wisconsin
Year of incorporation: 1917
Products: Tactical Vehicle Manufacturer
No of Employees: 16,000
Revenue: $7.71 B
Industry: Automotive, Arms Industry


A corporate business initiative was formed to fix a problem with slow response to government RFPs. A major cause of the slow response was found to be the inordinate work needed to validate existing and estimate new Bills-of-Material among ERP, Design Engineering, Operations Engineering, and Aftermarket
Align BOMs and sources-of-truth across the entire product lifecycle


Develop EBOM-MBOM transformation and EBOM/MBOM-SBOM transformation configurations and business practice changes to meet future state goals
Develop ERP Connector and custom integration into existing ERP system to ensure Windchill Configurations align with ERP BOM configurations
Develop Options & Variants configurations to support Design Engineering vehicle configurability


Provide each major Engineering group with the BOM structure they most need to accomplish their departmental objectives; while at the same time, ensuring traceability across departmental boundaries throughout the complete vehicle-component lifecycles
Greatly reduce manual rekeying of data and untraced changes to BOM data
Well on the way to achieving business initiative goal of faster RFP Response