Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

Fitting PLM Within Your Big Picture

It’s about truly understanding the entire PLM journey. ArcherGrey’s Business Process Consulting (BPC) industry experts understand that embracing company-wide change and integrating new platforms can seem overwhelming. This is why the team at ArcherGrey specializes in working side by side with you to optimize your processes and find that ideal, cost-effective, all-inclusive PLM path moving forward.

Through our 15 year history, we have guided hundreds of businesses through the implementation of more innovative, far more relevant and streamlined PLM solutions. We focus on both the strategic and tactical enablement of PLM program success through these core offerings:

If you Don’t Know Where you are Going, it is Difficult to Reach Your Destination

If your PLM journey is unfocused or unplanned, you may have a significant opportunity to drastically improve the way your company works. Getting to where you want to be requires focus and strategic planning.

ArcherGrey’s consultants can help you understand how PLM enables many corporate-level objectives executives care about and are measured on. When PLM is strategic, PLM projects get the funding they need.

We’ve helped our clients develop Board of Directors Briefings on PLM’s value, develop multi-year PLM Roadmaps, Business Cases, and Return on Investment (ROI) analyses. A successful PLM journey requires knowing where you want to go. ArcherGrey can help. Contact us to support your Strategic Planning efforts.

Optimizing & Streamlining Business Processes: The key to Your PLM Journey

Your PLM system has to be all-encompassing in order for it to have the greatest impact possible. Our Business Process Enablement service focuses on the implementation of product development and engineering business processes within your company’s PLM.

Why enable your business processes as far as PLM is concerned:

  • PLM processes can be measured, and what can be measured can be improved.
  • Processes enabled within PLM are directly related to the business objects (e.g. CAD, Change Management Forms, etc.) such that data quality issues and process roadblocks are easily identified and remedied.
  • PLM processes make product development work more visible, enabling Lean Product Development principles.

Aligning Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) With Your Business Processes

Your PLM journey is not solely about maximizing the systems and applications inherent to your product’s lifecycle, it also has to be about efficiently enabling those business processes that will inevitably impact the design, development and launch of your product.

This is where we come in. We keenly understand the challenges associated with effective PLM implementation, and often such challenges stem from poor alignment of other business processes, absence of true process enforcement or that essential disconnect between Change Management, Product Development and Configuration Management.

We want to work with you to make sure that your PLM and business processes are expertly integrated and thus flow seamlessly together, as we help you achieve a higher standard of quality, visibility and accountability.

Because Your Business Deserves the Best

The combination of our seasoned strategic consulting capability, thought leadership in Process Re-engineering and Lean Product Development, along with our proven methodologies, has firmly established ArcherGrey as a leading authority in PLM.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about ArcherGrey’s Business Process Enablement and other service offerings.

Making the Most of Your Software and Applications

We realize that many businesses face challenges with the perceived value of their PLM system. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can work with you to reap the benefits from your PLM system, while creating a game plan that makes sense moving forward.Consider the following:

  • Are your PLM systems underutilized?
  • Do you currently employ a PLM system that is one or more releases out-of-date?
  • Are there notable deficiencies in your current system?

PLM is Constantly Evolving: Are you Keeping up?

When was the last time you performed a comprehensive PLM Assessment? As with any facet of business, the PLM environment changes; it advances and new applications, practices and products are consistently being introduced which allow companies to optimize their PLM and, simply put: do things better, faster and more effectively than before. Our Capability Maturity Assessment service centers on helping you ascertain where you are in your PLM journey, understanding where you want to go, and devising a roadmap on how to get you there in order to help you stay competitive.Our goal with this type of thorough assessment is to enable you to more efficiently utilize software, target those areas where improvements are needed and implement the most relevant changes, thereby allowing you to develop, deliver and market your products with much greater ease and efficiency.

Getting You Exactly Where You Need to Be!

Our team is here to help clarify the picture and uncover the right questions that could be hindering your PLM. The goal: get your system updated, streamline your processes and help you get to that next level in your PLM journey. ArcherGrey’s experience and expertise in all versions of several PLM systems, along with our proven methodologies, are reasons why we are considered among the elite in PLM consultancy.Get in touch with us today learn more about ArcherGrey’s Capability Maturity Assessment and other service offerings.

People are at the Core of a Successful PLM Journey

If you have experienced low user adoption, then you know the impact of NOT having a well-executed Organizational Change Management plan. If you are planning an initiative, it can be a key factor that will determine the success of your program. A Gartner study found that 92% of the time, failed transformation programs were the result of people, leadership, and organizational shortfalls.ArcherGrey’s Business and Organizational Change Management (B-OCM) framework was designed to address these shortfalls. We focus on charting the impact of any consequent change beginning to end, and then implementing leading practices to help achieve high adoption. ArcherGrey’s B-OCM framework comprises a methodology and approach around five primary areas of focus, which is based on industry standards, supplemented with proprietary IP:

  • Leadership alignment
  • Stakeholder preparation
  • Change adoption & communications
  • Education & training
  • Readiness & adoption

Change is a Good Thing

Adoption is about changing behaviors and habits. Properly managing the business side of change significantly increases the chances of success. ArcherGrey can provide the necessary insight, approach, and techniques needed to affect change positively. Contact us to explore how our B-OCM framework can help you optimize adoption.

Making Sure Your People Are Ready for the Optimal PLM Journey

Effective PLM begins with personnel who understand the system, who can take the lead and manage both the software as well as the processes involved. ArcherGrey doesn’t just simply train clients to “use” the system, but rather we give your people the experiential instruction necessary so they have that competitive edge when it comes to effectively guiding your organization through its comprehensive PLM journey.The best training courses take into account what you already know and build upon the skills and knowledge that your staff possesses. This is about catering to you, not providing a generic “tips and tricks” approach. Being able to leverage the application to improve the way you do business starts with highly interactive teaching and training—precisely one of the things the ArcherGrey team brings to the table.

Comprehensive Training Designed to Boost Productivity

What we offer:

  • An interactive needs analysis and review of current knowledge.
  • A systematic approach determining how the platform can be better utilized in everyday scenarios.
  • A strategic plan identifying immediate user needs and longer-term needs, as we work with all user types in order to maximize a return on investment.
  • A hands-on training approach, teaching users of all departments and skill-sets how to use the systems and features.
  • Customized classroom materials that provide specific use cases tailored to end-user functions and/or processes.
  • Training program development aligned with your PLM initiative. We can partner with you through various life cycles of your PLM maturity.
  • Refresher courses as the organization goes though changes and restructuring, or changes in staffing.
  • A clean and distinct program that can aid in collaborative team efforts amongst departments within your organization.
  • Program champion identification to ensure a receptive response within the organizational climate of change, enhancement, restructuring, or resistance.

Training and education is more than pushing buttons, it’s learning the system and understanding how it can bring you, your team, and your organization to the next level. ArcherGrey can help get you there.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about ArcherGrey’s Training and Organizational Readiness and other service offerings.

With so many choices, we help bring clarity

Choosing the right software vendor for your PLM is perhaps one of the most important decisions your company will have to make. You need to consider your business strategy and how it aligns with the various PLM platforms.ArcherGrey’s expertise in the most relevant PLM platforms will guide you toward the optimal choice for your business. Make the wrong selection and you could very well be looking at increased costs, delays and missed opportunities. So whether you’re new to PLM or looking to switch software vendors, it’s critical to make the right choice the first time around.

Here are a few common questions asked when evaluating PLM platforms:

  • What are some realistic outcomes we can expect from implementing this system?
  • Is our staff equipped with the proper knowledge and experience to get the most out of PLM?
  • Do we understand the differences between PLM and ERP?
  • Have we fully identified any existing issues as to why our current system hasn’t performed to expectations?
  • Are we underutilizing any features within our existing software applications?
  • Does your software have features that support the particular needs of our products and industry?
  • What are the tradeoffs between the different vendor options?
  • Have we assigned the right people to make the decision?

Our job and commitment is to help you navigate through these questions, and then in examining the answers, identify the optimal PLM solution for you, one that addresses your current challenges and works seamlessly with your business operations.

Unparalleled Experience

ArcherGrey consultants are leading experts in the PTC Windchill and PTC FlexPLM PLM platforms. From Aerospace and Defense to Consumer Goods, we have deep industry-specific insights that only come from years of hands-on vendor experience.Our insightful critical thinking approach allows us to effectively navigate the complex world of PLM and gives us the special knack for seeing things others can’t. In other words – we know what to look out for. It’s not about buying software you don’t need, or simply assuming that a vendor’s claims are spot on. We take the time to create a highly detailed PLM roadmap that encompasses your strategic goals and thus helps identify the best solution given your needs and ultimate objectives.

Asking the Hard Questions

When comparing vendor options, the importance of assessing features and benefits is unquestioned, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in the selection process. Other important considerations are the Return on Investment, how business processes should be changed to get maximum benefit from the vendor’s technology, and the organizational impact of the new technology. Neglecting these topics could be the major difference between a good investment and a financial misstep. For example, when considering a PLM platform, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • How committed is each vendor’s R&D, Technical Support, and Services organizations to your specific industry?
  • Are there any hidden trade-offs regarding specific feature sets?
  • How do you evaluate different software licensing and hosting bundles and methods?
  • Are you able to accurately forecast key performance metrics/outcomes?
  • How will the new technology allow you to accurately measure and report key performance/metrics/outcomes?
  • How adept is the vendor at Organizational Change Management or is their expertise limited to Training?

Have you really thought about these issues? Unfortunately, companies that overlook these deeper concerns may fall prey to unrealistic expectations set by vendors. Over the years, we’ve seen the consequences of these oversights, and we’re determined to prevent the damage before it begins.

A Realistic Approach that Maximizes Your ROI

We begin by understanding the client’s needs and constraints. We subsequently build a realistic approach that aligns with your business climate. Then we support your engagement with a short-list of vendors capable of providing software to meet your needs.Our methodology encourages input from all key decision makers; this enables us to understand your company’s perspectives more clearly and therefore create a practical game plan that will address long-term goals.

Do you need assistance in understanding your company’s PLM needs and identifying the right software vendor? If so, we can make the decision process easier! Contact us today.

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