Complex products and countless moving parts require companies to adopt solutions that unify teams and improve almost every aspect of the business.

Enter PTC’s ThingWorx — a software that capitalizes on the Internet of Things (IoT) to help enterprises deliver even more value. Many businesses are just starting to scratch the surface of what ThingWorx has to offer. Some of these benefits include the ability to enhance your sales, service, and development processes.

ThingWorx could be your business’ secret weapon to enhance your ability to access information critical to making good decisions.

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Close More Sales Deals

Bringing the latest product to your customer can be expensive or logistically impossible. The salesperson resorts to using drawings or Powerpoint presentation depicting the equipment for their sales presentation. With a cutting-edge solution like ThingWorx, your business has the ability to set up an augmented reality (AR) experience. These realistic visual displays allow salespeople to show anyone their product anywhere. Provided with a full-scale representation, someone can have a 360-degree experience which includes the ability to walk around, take covers off, spin the product around, look inside it—you name it.

These AR experiences don’t take much extra time or effort for employees to create. In some cases, engineers and other teams can put together an AR experience within thirty minutes. For on-the-fly sales opportunities or sales efforts around mid-development products, this kind of timely setup is valuable.

After providing an intimate AR experience with your product, your salespeople will find it easier to close that big deal or upsell the newest version of your product to loyal customers—ultimately improving a business’ bottom line.

Improve Your Service

For service organizations, time is of the essence when responding to a customer outage. A platform like ThingWorx allows businesses to set up mobile apps that transform cumbersome service excursions into efficient trips.  When a network goes down or a product malfunctions, a technician can be alerted automatically. They can then use the app to connect to that piece of equipment showing real-time alarms, visual references, and current product documentation. When troubleshooting requires a senior technician, the service experience can connect to a live feed giving expert guidance in real-time reducing customer downtime.

Service providers can streamline operations by having one resource for planned maintenance and analytics for executing predictive maintenance. With this type of system in place, engineers can review equipment failure trends and implement custom preventative maintenance schedules for clients.

ThingWorx empowers your business to provide efficient service delivery. This ultimately increases both customer satisfaction and overall retention.

Streamline Research and Development

Research and development is a logistically challenging process for a company. One of the top problems businesses face are departments working in silos which prevents the flow of critical data between teams. Removing these silos has two primary functions:

  1. Provide a single source of truth: The number of business systems that contain duplicate product data expands quickly when organizations continue to create business processes to accommodate growth. Data is replicated and product models are recreated for training, marketing, and manufacturing. Replication of this information drives up product expense cost and introduces errors due to manual manipulation of data. Thingworx can streamline product information to provide a source of aggregated data from across the enterprise to help eliminate these common problems.
  2. Connect off-site teams: Overseas and remote engineers benefit too. These employees are asked to take part in the product development and testing but are unable to see the physical product since they’re not on-site. With ThingWorx, offshore or remote engineers can connect to equipment from wherever they are located. With the ability to see alarms and work with AR models, they can easily troubleshoot and make changes remotely which shortens the process of developing and debugging products.

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PLM solutions are rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Business processes need to adapt to this connected technology. With it, businesses can boost sales, improve customer service, and streamline all aspects of business processes with the help of a solution like ThingWorx.

If you’re ready to bring your PLM vision to life, but aren’t sure where to start, contact us today. With over 400 successful projects and counting, we’re ready to tackle your toughest PLM challenges.

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