“Why are we here?,” asked Jack Schroeder, CEO of ArcherGrey.

After a pause that filled the room, Jack answered by drawing parallels to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the most primal level, we’re here to provide for ourselves and our families. Consequently, while satisfying our own needs, we are impacting each other.

Really, the answer to this daunting question comes down to three simple things. We are here to provide, create, and matter.

 As Maslow taught, you have nothing unless your basic needs are met. When you first join ArcherGrey, you join to provide for yourself and your family — but it quickly becomes more than that. The impact we have on each other and our clients manifests itself in every aspect of our business.

All of our clients create products. With each project, we welcome the opportunity to influence how the client’s products are made. 12 years ago, ArcherGrey took on a project for Medtronic.

Years later, Jack’s mother had back surgery. Medtronic devices were instrumental for a successful surgery that relieved her pain. Jack added that he felt a sense of pride knowing that ArcherGrey had worked with a company whose products have the power to change lives for the better.

Over the last 16 years, ArcherGrey has worked with over 200 Fortune 1000 clients. Each time a new client started working with us, they had to take a leap faith. Of course, working with a new company can stir emotions of worry and doubt. It takes trust.

At ArcherGrey, trust is our core value. The trust of our clients is the reason we’ve been able to grow throughout the years. We know that we need to provide a valuable service. We know we need to create results. It’s important for us to earn our client’s trust, but the drive to keep it is what matters and what sets us apart.

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