Thousands virtually joined #Liveworx, the definitive online experience for digital transformation. Now more than ever, we believe in the power of data and its ability to transform your organization by streaming your data processes. Quoc Pham, Senior Solution Architect at ArcherGrey, joins our partners at PTC to discuss the secret behind finding this single source of truth with your data.

The Pain: Lack of Data Integration

1. Time Delays / Lost Opportunities

  • Real-time collaboration between teams and systems
  • Access to analytics and insights around your data

2. Inconsistent Data & Lack of Visibility

  • Inconsistency: Multiple versions of ‘truth’ caused by data living in isolated systems
  • Visibility: Data managed in ERP has little to no visibility to PLM and vice versa

3. Investment Costs

  • Retail companies tend to over-invest into customized integrations to map data between systems

The Solution: Integrate Your Systems with TRC

The solution is to create one single source of truth, meaning all information is consistently accessible, with the help of PTC’s Thingworx Retail Connector (TRC). The real value of the TRC is the end-to-end integrated process that will allow retailers and brands to drive business growth and profitability within their PLM system. The TRC will allow a variety of business systems and solutions to be quickly integrated to FlexPLM by reducing risk and dependencies within the organization. Implement TRC in four simple steps:

1. Identify source system
2. Identify target system
3. Map the data
4. Track the data after publish

Success Story


  • Large US-based Footwear Retailer.
  • Cloud-based system with 600+ users.
  • More than 150+ of data fields counts are exchanged between PLM and external systems.


  • Implementation reduced from 12 weeks to 3 weeks.
  • Minimal impact on the business because a TRC deployment is not coupled with a regular build process.

Where to Start

In years past, this was a challenge for most organizations to do. Now, this is not the case and it is more streamlined than ever. When an abundance of data comes in, it is vital to manage this data between systems. Begin implementing TRC by leveraging the data to your advantage to create a proof of concept as early as you can to find your one single source of truth.

Reach out to us directly or schedule a 30 minutes meeting to learn more about TRC implementation, support and/or questions here.